Thursday, April 23, 2009

Photo Mechanic

I finally tried out Camera Bits' Photo Mechanic software.

I've been using Apple's Aperture program exclusively, but I kept seeing Photo Mechanic mentioned in sports photography workflow articles, and I wanted to check it out. This spring, my digital workflow has really become an issue for me. I started shooting sports several times a week with my D300 and D200. Dealing with RAW files and multiple cards made the import/edit process slow down to a crawl, and I found myself spending too much time waiting for files & previews to load.

I decided to try Photo Mechanic to basically do the first round editing before I imported the images into my Aperture Library. I have to say I am very impressed with its speed, even on my aging powerbook. So much so that I think I can easily justify adding as a step in the workflow.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Shooting Lacrosse

So I went over th Montgomery Blair to shoot their baseball game, but it looked like they called off the game due to the rain earlier in the week. Girl's Lacrosse was playing on the football field, so I shot that instead. I realized Al was right when he said that I'd have to get bigger glass for field sports. I compensated by setting up on the sidelines, and taking advantage of lacrosse's back-and-forth. That combined with the crop factor on the D300 let me work with what I got.

We're still heaing that the website should launch next Monday, so we'll see if people are interested in getting these

It happened

it happened. But I can't speak about it yet.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Add return info to your iPhone

Ken Rockwell has a great post on how to add your contact info to your phone's lock screen, so someone who finds it can find you.
How to put your info on your iphone lock screen.

I've created a photshop file to help you get started. you can add your favorite background as a new layer.