Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Four days till closing

This week is advancing like the clink clink of a roller coaster working up that first hill. I've got a mix of anticipation and nerves as we close in on settlement set for the end of the week. Tonight is our final walkthrough. I've checked with the mortgage company, and it looks like they are all set in terms of the forms they need from us. We've made plans fro the movers, and the pets.

As I walk the dog this week, I've been thinking about all the time I have spent on Capitol Hill, and in the city. I think its going to be strange to live somewhere else.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Are You Ever Going to Use The VCR Again?

Our apartment has become a maze of boxes, leaving little tunnels for us to move around in and live out the remainder of our cit lives. Jennifer and I took a break from packing up the apartment over the weekend to go for a walk around the Capitol.

On the way back we found a bunch of computer boxes thrown away by the DSCC. We knew who they belonged to because nobody had removed the packing list. But they were big, Dell computer boxes and I thought they would be perfect for transporting the components.

As I was packing them, Jenn asked if I needed to take the VCR. It took me back a moment. I remember when I got it. A stereo VCR. STEREO. I thought it was hot shit. It was the beginning of my home theater. Now, here I was, trying to decide if I ever would use it again.