Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What apps are on your home screen?

I'm always interested in what applications people have on their iPhones. Have you rearranged your phones apps based on how you work? I've preserved most of the home screen for the iPhone's core functions, but I've added my top 4 apps: Omnifocus, NetNewsWire, Evernote, and Tweetie.

My second screen is the majority of my news & entertainment apps. The last screen is games & apple apps I can't delete.

Those are my top apps. What are yours?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We'll drop you off, then take Mike to the Emergency Room

Jenn and I just got back from a last-minute weekend camping trip to Luray, Virginia. Jenn was the driving force in putting the trip together-she wanted to get away one more time before the summer ended, and with the babies on the way, we weren't sure when we'd have the chance again.

Vin took Friday off, and got two sites at Camp Roosevelt, and we arrived Friday night. We were surprised by how nice the camp was. It was very small, but only had a few sites, and they had lots of room in between. Our site was near a shared bathroom, and had trash cans not too far.

We rented kayaks on Saturday from Shenandoah River Outfitters, and spent about four hours paddling down the river. Everything was going fine until Mike got out of his boat to take a swim. As he tried to get back into his boat, he cut his knee open. We didn't have much in the way of first aid supplies, but he held the cut closed until we got done. When we got back, Mike and Tris went to the hospital where Mike got five stitches, and instructions to stay off the bike for a week.

Sunday, I was making breakfast when it hit me that this was really the closing of a chapter in my life, the end of the carefree days before kids. I look forward to our babies, and I know my life will be richer with them, but it reminded me that time is always slipping way from us.

With Jenn and Mike out if the picture, people started grumbling about the length of the Kennedy Peak ride, and if they still wanted to go. I wanted to get in a ride, so I suggested riding Kennedy Peak backwards. That way, we'd get in some riding, without the full time commitment.

If you've never ridden Kennedy Peak in reverse, I suggest you try it. It gives you a good mix of the climbing and rocks, but with more rollers, and less of the brutal climb in the beginning. The climb still comes, but it's more broken up.